Dual BA Summer Seminars

More than just studying in two places…

The Dual BA summer seminars are a pivotal and defining component of the Dual BA degree, designed to give you an edge to understanding knowledge acquisition, dissemination, and engaging in community and policy-based field work. Building on Sciences Po’s long tradition of educating for political leadership, the Dual BA seminars prepare you for professional work as leaders in public fields – community, regional, and national areas for change. A signature of the UBC Faculty of Arts, the summer seminars give you a chance to cultivate an informed, reflexive perspective on your international experience, inviting you into UBC’s research culture. The summer seminars are a mandatory requirement in the Dual BA program, and are required to graduate from both Sciences Po and UBC.

Students admitted to the UBC Bachelor of Commerce program at the Sauder School of Business do not have the option of taking the summer seminars.

How does this impact my studies financially?

Dual BA students take an additional 15-credits of UBC coursework over three consecutive summers, in addition to the 60 credits completed in Years 3 and 4. You should plan early and carefully for the additional costs associated with these seminars.

  • Between Years 1 and 2: 6 credits (2 courses) in Reims
  • Between Years 2 and 3: 6 credits (2 courses) in Vancouver
  • Between Years 3 and 4: 3 credits (1 course) in Vancouver

Tuition for the Dual BA summer seminars are assessed as per standard UBC undergraduate tuition. In addition to tuition fees, you should also consider:

  • Travel costs associated with traveling to Vancouver or Reims
  • Housing costs in Reims or Vancouver
  • Other living and entertainment costs

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