Years 1 and 2: Sciences Po

You’ll begin the UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree program at Sciences Po in France, at one of three Sciences Po regional campuses (Le Havre, Menton, or Reims). Each campus has a different global-regional focus, and specialization is built through world-regional examples and teaching within core courses, electives, and language study.

In your first two years of study, you’ll learn from a curriculum which explores a broad range of disciplines:

  • Core courses in the social science: law, political science, economics, history, sociology.
  • Electives in the humanities: philosophy, art history, literary studies.
  • Language courses that correspond to regional linguistic and cultural orientation of the campus.

Regional Campuses

By the standards of North America’s major research universities, Sciences Po’s regional campuses are small and offer an intimate context for learning and opportunities for student-initiated study projects. Class sizes range from 150 for lectures in core areas, to about 22 for seminars, to as small as a handful of students for some language classes. The intimate and internationally-focused regional campuses offer an academically challenging and supportive environment where you can thrive academically while receiving personal and educational support from Sciences Po faculty and staff.

Click on the tabs below to explore each campus and their regionally-focused programs.

Dual BA Summer Seminars

Students admitted into the Dual BA Degree program are required to complete two courses in the summer between Years 1 and 2. Taught by faculty from UBC, the courses will gather the BA Dual Degree cohort in Reims each June. These specially designed seminars give students a chance to cultivate an informed, reflexive perspective on their international experience, means of challenging common assumptions about difference and commonality. More information on the dual seminars can be found here.