Scholarships and Financial Aid

The UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree program recognizes that your university education is a substantial investment. Both Sciences Po and UBC offer many resources to help with financial planning, and offer support through scholarships, bursaries, and other assistance programs. It’s important for you and your family to understand the financial implications of this unique Dual Degree program, and how scholarships and financial aid works and differs at each institution.

Once admitted into the Dual Degree program, students are eligible for scholarships and financial assistance at the institution that they are physically attending:

  • Years 1 and 2: Eligible for Sciences Po scholarships and financial aid only
  • Years 3 and 4: Eligible for UBC scholarships and financial aid only
  • Summer Dual BA Seminars: Not eligible for UBC scholarships

Browse through the tabs below to learn about scholarships and financial aid at Sciences Po and UBC.