Once Admitted

Admission Package

All applicants interviewed will receive an email response indicating the decision of the adjudication committee.

Accepting your Offer

Within the Admission Package is the following information sheet:

Dual Degree Program Next Steps

For applicants who have received an email from both UBC and Sciences Po indicating they have been offered a seat into the program.

 Accepting/Declining Your Offer of Admission to UBC and the Dual Degree Program – A two-step process

Just as you had to complete a separate supplemental application form when you applied for the Dual Degree program, you must complete additional steps to reserve your seat in the Dual Degree program.

 Step One:  Confirm that you have received an offer of admission from UBC. 

Log on to the Student Service Centre at www.students.ubc.ca/ssc and select “Accept or Decline My Offer”. Please accept the offer of admission and pay your acceptance deposit no later than April 30, 2014.  This deadline is much earlier than the general acceptance deadline of June 2.  This is a unique deadline imposed on offers within the Dual Degree program option.

If you have not yet received an offer of admission please arrange for any missing documents to be sent to UBC Admissions.  For further information see “How to submit your documents”.

 Step Two:  Accept the offer of a seat in the Dual Degree program.

Do this by emailing DualDegree.SP@ubc.ca indicating if you will (or will not) be accepting the offer.  Please confirm in the email that you have also officially accepted your offer of admission to UBC.  This must also be done by April 30, 2014 to guarantee a seat in the Dual Degree program will be held for you.