Scholarships and Financial Aid

The UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree program recognizes that your university education is a substantial investment. Both Sciences Po and UBC offer many resources to help with financial planning, and offer support through scholarships, bursaries, and other assistance programs. It’s important for you and your family to understand the financial implications of this unique Dual Degree program, and how scholarships and financial aid works and differs at each institution.

Once admitted into the Dual Degree program, students are eligible for scholarships and financial assistance at the institution that they are physically attending:

  • Years 1 and 2: Eligible for Sciences Po scholarships and financial aid only
  • Years 3 and 4: Eligible for UBC scholarships and financial aid only
  • Summer Dual BA Seminars: Not eligible for UBC scholarships

Browse through the tabs below to learn about scholarships and financial aid at Sciences Po and UBC.

Sciences Po offers a number of bursaries and financial aid tied to the type of tuition that the student is paying.

French and European students receiving the CROUS scholarship are not only exempt from paying tuition, but also receive a significant top-up grant from Sciences Po. Students from outside the European Economic Area may apply for many scholarships including the Émile Boutmy excellence scholarship. Over 200 students receive this prestigious scholarship every year.

Scholarships and financial aid awarded by Sciences Po may only be used towards tuition during the first two years of study at Sciences Po.For more information on scholarships at Sciences Po, visit:

Scholarships and financial aid awarded by UBC may only be applied to tuition during the last two years of study at UBC. Dual BA students may not use UBC scholarships or financial aid towards the Dual BA summer seminars.

Entrance Scholarships

Dual Degree students are eligible for UBC entrance scholarships based on their application to UBC. Entrance scholarship awarded by UBC cannot be used during the first two years of study at Sciences Po, and are held on the student’s account and applied to UBC tuition during Years 3 and 4. Entrance scholarships cannot be applied to UBC tuition for the Dual BA summer seminars.

If you are a high school applicant with Canadian citizenship or permanent residency, you should submit your UBC online application by the Major Entrance Scholarship deadline to ensure that you are considered for entrance scholarships. The supplemental application can be submitted separately, provided it is received by the specified deadline.
If you are an international high school student, you are automatically considered for entrance scholarships as long as you submit both your UBC online application and supplemental application by the specified deadline. Note that international applicants to the UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree students are not eligible for the UBC International Leader of Tomorrow (ILOT) Award.

Continuing Scholarships

Students in the Dual Degree program are considered students at both Sciences Po and UBC for the entire duration of their degree program. In addition to entrance scholarships, students in the UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree program are also considered for continuing scholarships that can be applied to UBC tuition in Years 3 and 4.

Most UBC continuing scholarships are merit-based awards, and Dual Degree students are considered for continuing scholarships based on second-year grades at Sciences Po. For more information on continuing scholarships, please see: