The Transition

While students in the Dual BA Program come from all over the world, the one experience common to all students within the program is movement. Between campuses, and between continents, Dual Degree students are always in motion, which allows them to take advantage of the best aspects of international education, not only in the classroom, but also as they apply to their day to day lives.

Students who are offered admission to the UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree program will have a robust support network available to help them prepare for their arrivals in France and Vancouver.

Detailed information is included in the acceptance packet for incoming first-year students, as well as the third year transition packets that students receive in the spring term of the second year in the program.

The First Year

After students have accepted their UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree offers and paid their acceptance deposits, students be guided through the transition by the Dual Degree program manager. Students will receive a Sciences Po Student ID Number. This ID number allows students to activate their Sciences Po Student Space, access their Certificat de Scolarité, and begin the administrative registration process.

Certificat de Scolarité

The Certificat de Scolarité is issued by the main Sciences Po administrative offices in Paris during the first week of May, after all incoming students have accepted their UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree Program offers. This document is the one that must be used to fulfill the “acceptance letter” requirement for obtaining a student visa, as it includes the beginning and end dates of students’ terms in France as well as the relevant campus address.

The Third Year

As students begin their final spring semester at Sciences Po, they will receive a Third Year Transition Packet from their academic advisor during their spring campus visit. This packet will contain information on what to expect when students arrive on the UBC Vancouver campus, instructions on how to apply for UBC Housing, student visas, and updates to their financial aid awards, if applicable.