Sciences Po

A World-Class University in the Social Sciences

Sciences Po (Institut d’études politiques de Paris) is an international research university ranking among the finest institutions in the fields of humanities and social sciences. Sciences Po stands out for combining approaches and confronting different worldviews. Located centrally in Paris with nine regional campuses across France, Sciences Po is an internationally-recognized research university in the humanities and social sciences. Developed with a strong focus on society, Sciences Po offers undergraduate and graduate programs with a multidisciplinary curriculum and focus on diversity and research that impacts our understanding of the world.

Sciences Po promotes social responsibility and intellectual and geographic diversity in its student body. Open to all students, Sciences Po recruits on the basis of academic excellence, and welcomes students from nearly 150 countries and provides financial support to 27% of its student body.

Education Fostering Responsibility

Sciences Po’s overarching mission is to educate future leaders in the public and private sectors. However, its ambition extends even further: to educate open-minded and enlightened citizens capable of changing the world and transforming society.

Fundamental Education and Professional Focus

At Sciences Po, the finest researchers in the social sciences engage in continual dialogue with the greatest practitioners. With an academic community of more than 4,000 academics including 2,400 practitioners, student learning is nurtured by innovative research and practice.