Academic Calendars

Because you’ll be studying in two different education systems, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the calendar and schedules of each school. You’ll find that each school may follow different systems than what you are used to!


University Calendar

Note that campus timetables may vary. Please select your appropriate campus at the link above to ensure you are consulting the correct timetable.

Orientation Programs

Prior to the official start of the school year, all new undergraduate first-year students are required to attend their regional campus’ orientation program. The orientations at the Le Havre, Reims, and Menton campuses are usually one week in duration, and takes place before the beginning of classes. All students receive detailed information about the program from their academic advisors.

University Calendar

Students will be contacted by the Dual Degree program manager prior to the start of the Dual BA summer seminars, and will receive information on course start dates, housing move-in dates, and orientation directly by email.

All students are also encouraged to attend UBC’s campus-wide orientation, Imagine Day, at the start of Year 3.