How to Apply

Students in the UBC–Sciences Po Dual Degree program are bright and enthusiastic individuals who have a keen interest in global affairs and perspectives. The application to the UBC Sciences–Po Dual Degree program is a two-step process. Applicants must submit:

  1. An online general application to UBC at, with the Vancouver Bachelor of Arts (BA) program as your first choice; and
  2. A supplemental application to the UBC–Sciences Po Dual Degree program.

The deadline for both components is January 15, 2024.

Step 1: Submit your application to UBC

Complete your application through the provincial portal, following the instructions on, and choose the UBC BA as your first choice of program. Candidates with a first choice other than the Vancouver Bachelor of Arts will not be considered.

You must choose the UBC BA as your first choice of program to ensure that you are eligible for entrance scholarships as an applicant to the UBC–Sciences Po Dual Degree program. This Dual Degree program is exclusive to the Vancouver Faculty of Arts, and is not available for students interested in attending the Okanagan campus or in pursuing a credential other than a Bachelor of Arts (BA). Dual Degree students are still eligible for admission to the B+MM program to complete a Master of Management upon completion of their UBC–BA coursework.

The UBC application includes a personal profile. We encourage you to use the personal profile to show your interests, background, and readiness for study in the subject areas highlighted by the UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree program. In addition to admission to the Dual Degree program, you will be considered automatically for UBC’s regular BA program. You must submit a separate application to Sciences Po if you wish to be considered for the Sciences Po BA program, or to any of their other Dual Degree partnerships; there is no restriction on applying to multiple Sciences Po programs.

Domestic applicants (who do not require a student visa) are encouraged to submit their UBC online application before December 1 to be considered for entrance awards, including the UBC Major Entrance Scholarships.

International applicants (who require a student visa) may be considered for international student awards regardless of when they submit their application. (The December 1 awards deadline only applies to Domestic students.)

Applicants must submit both the online UBC application and the supplemental application by January 15, 2024.

Step 2: Submit your supplemental application to the Dual Degree

Once you have completed Step 1 and submitted your UBC online application, you will then need to submit a supplemental application online at The written responses in the supplemental application are the primary criteria when selecting candidates for the interview shortlist.

The supplemental application includes submitting personal information, a written response, CV, and academic transcripts from the last two years. You will also be asked to indicate the regional Sciences Po campus that you would like to study at, and your preferred interview dates and location.

To begin your supplemental application, click the “Apply Now” button above. Applicants must have a UBC campus-wide log in (CWL) in order to log in to the application form, and must have an 8-digit UBC student number in order to proceed. Applicants who do not submit a supplemental application will not be considered for admission to the Dual BA program.

Applicants must submit both the online UBC application and supplemental application by January 15, 2024.

Step 3: Submit your required documents to UBC Admissions

In order to complete the admission process, all UBC applicants must submit their required documents to UBC by the designated deadlines. Applicants to the UBC–Sciences Po Dual Degree program must send required documents directly to UBC Admissions. You will be asked to send copies of your transcripts to both UBC Admissions and to the UBC Sciences–Po Dual Degree separately. This allows us to consider you simultaneously for both the regular BA at UBC and the Dual Degree.

I’ve submitted my application to UBC and the Dual Degree supplemental application. Now what?

Once both parts of your application have been received, you will be assessed simultaneously for the regular UBC BA and the Dual Degree with Sciences Po. Applicants are responsible for submitting required documents to UBC Admissions to ensure they will continue to be assessed for both degree programs.

Successful applicants will be invited for an interview conducted online with the UBC–Sciences Po Dual Degree Admissions committee. All applicants will be notified by mid-February if they have been invited for an online interview.

2024 applications are now closed, and evaluations in progress.

Start preparing for the interview