Shortlist Interview

The admissions interview is conducted by a panel of two members: a representative from Sciences Po and a representative from UBC. The interview is a total of 30 minutes, during which the panel will evaluate the applicant for their ability to form cohesive arguments, engage on topics related to contemporary events of the region in which their first-choice Sciences Po program specializes, and the alignment of their motivation and intellectual ambitions with the program’s learning outcomes.

The interview lasts 30 minutes and involves two stages. Candidates receive detailed instructions the day prior to their interview, and will have approximately 24 hours to gather their thoughts on the prompt specified in those instructions. The first stage of the interview is centred on the candidate’s response to that prompt, while the second involves a broader discussion of the candidate’s experiences and interest in the program.

Tips to help you prepare for the interview

  1. Keep up with current events. The admissions panel expects you to be well informed about what is going on in your country, your region, and in Europe. They are looking for you to take a critical approach to the news you read or hear.
  2. Practice your public speaking skills. Have a friend, family member or teacher ask you some questions about current events, Sciences Po, UBC, and/or yourself. Pay attention to your body language, speak distinctly in a confident voice and ask for feedback.
  3. Get to know the UBC–Sciences Po Dual Degree Program. The admissions panel expects you to be familiar with Sciences Po and your program of choice at UBC, the programs offered by both institutions, learning and teaching methods, and student life on the campuses you are applying for.

And moreover, stay calm and relaxed! The purpose of the interview is both to assess whether you suit the program and study environment and to see if we are the right choice for your future plans and expectations.

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