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Applicants to the UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree are required to submit a supplemental application in addition to their UBC online application. The supplemental application for the 2020/2021 academic year is now closed.

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Supplemental Application Requirements

After you complete your application at, you will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application. This email will contain your 8-digit UBC student number. You will need to this number to submit your supplemental application.

You will be asked to choose an interview location and date, if you are shortlisted for an admission interview.

This section is only required if you are choosing a virtual application.

Shortlisted applicants selected for an interview are required to prepare materials prior to the in-person interview. If you have chosen a virtual interview, you will be asked to provide contact details for an individual who will serve as your proctor during the interview process. A proctor is an individual who monitors a student during an examination process. Your proctor cannot be an individual who is related to you or has close personal ties. Your proctor must invigilate you while you are preparing your materials.

If you are attending an in-person interview, you do not need to provide contact information for a proctor.

You will be asked to choose a Sciences Po campus for Years 1 and 2, and to indicate an area of history for Years 3 and 4 at uBC.

Sciences Po Campus Selection (Years 1 and 2)

      • Europe-Asia Progam at Le Havre (Instruction in English)
      • Europe-Middle East Program in Menton (Instruction in English)
      • Europe-North America Program in Reims (Instruction in English)
      • Europe-Africa Program in Reims (French fluency is required)

UBC undergraduate degree program at the time of admission (Years 3 and 4)

      • Bachelor of Arts (Faculty of Arts, Vancouver Campus) with a specialization in one of EconomicsHistoryPolitical Science, Sociology, and Geography. You will be asked to indicate an area of interest that you might like to study, but will not be asked to make a definitive choice at this time.

Your written response should answer the three prompts below, and submitted as a PDF file. The response to the first question should be no more than 1000 words, and the responses to the second and third question should be no more than 100 words each.

1. Tell us one thing about the world you’d most like to know or understand better, why it is so interesting to you, and how you’d go about trying to know or understand it. (1000 words maximum)

2. In sentence or bullet form, explain why your first-choice Sciences Po campus is a good fit for you and your academic goals. (100 words maximum)

3. In sentence or bullet form, explain why UBC is a good fit for you and your academic goals. (100 words maximum)

A 1-2 page curriculum vitae in PDF format. Be sure to include your education and any experience and accomplishments.

Prepared as one single PDF file for upload, academic transcripts for your last three years of study:

      • 2017-2018 year
      • 2018-2019 year
      • 2019-2020 year (your first report card or most recent prior to the application deadline)

This is required only if you are a prospective student currently studying in the French Baccalaureate system. Please submit a PDF copy of your Grade 11 French Baccalaureate results.

Pre-Submission Checklist

Before submitting your supplemental application, go over the below checklist to ensure you've completed all the requirements.

  • Prepared transcripts to be submitted as one single PDF file. Hard copies are not accepted for the supplemental application.
  • Physical copies of final transcripts and test scores must be sent to UBC Admissions, and not to the Dual Degree program.
  • Reference letters are not required for the supplemental application, and will not be accepted or considered if they are mailed to the program. Any reference letters sent to the program will not be mailed back to the applicant.

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