Program Overview

The UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree is a partnership between the University of British Columbia and Sciences Po (l’Institut d’études politiques de Paris) that gives students the opportunity to earn two Bachelor of Arts degrees in four years, while studying in Canada and France.

As a Dual Degree student, you’ll spend the first two years of your studies at one of Sciences Po’s three regional campuses: Menton, or Le Havre, or Reims. Each Sciences Po campus specializes in a particular region of the world, and offers a core curriculum with a heavy linguistic and cultural focus. The student body at each campus is diverse, comprised of French and international students, and students from the campus’ region of focus. Courses are taught in English, with additional instruction in French and the languages spoken in the campus’ region of focus.

  • Menton – Located on the French Riviera, focusing on relations between Europe, the Middle East and Mediterranean. Linguistic focus on Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • Le Havre – Located on the Normandy Coast, focusing on Europe-Asia relations. Linguistic focus on Chinese, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Reims – Located in the Champagne region and offers two programs, focusing on Europe-North America relations or Europe-Africa relations. Linguistic focus on Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili. Students in the Europe-Africa program must be fully fluent in both English and French.

During the second half of your second year, UBC will guide you through the process of choosing a major and creating a study path at UBC. The curriculum at Sciences Po prepares you to major in five areas at UBC: History, SociologyPolitical ScienceGeography, or Economics. Arts offers different types of specializations like a double major, honours program, or a combined major. The UBC BA is flexible and you’ll have room for electives in different disciplines. In some cases, you may be able to pursue a major not offered at Sciences Po. The Faculty of Arts offers a diverse array of specializations, and students interested in this option should work closely with the program advisor.

After completing your first two years at Sciences Po, you will begin the last two years of your undergraduate studies in July at the University of British Columbia Vancouver campus in the Faculty of Arts. You’ll participate in intensive seminars designed to connect you with your cohort, orient you to campus and research culture at UBC, and connect your two educational experiences. The seminars will not only give you a preliminary taste of UBC, but prepare you to engage with your chosen discipline as a researcher and scholar. During your time at UBC, you will further specialize in the social sciences through your chosen major. Like all UBC students, you’ll be encouraged to participate in the campus research culture and experiential learning opportunities.

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