Students in the UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree program are charged the tuition rate of the institution they are currently attending. Students in the first two years of the program will pay tuition to Sciences Po, while students in the final two years of the program will pay tuition to UBC.

Each institution assesses tuition rates differently based on different factors. Students should pay careful attention to the different tuition amounts at each campus, as well as the different payment schedules depending on the institution.

Click through the tabs below to view detailed tuition information for each institution. The tables below cover tuition fees only, and do not include student fees, costs of books, entertainment, or any expenses related to travel or accommodations.

At Sciences Po, students are assessed tuition based on their parents’ tax residence (country of residence in the previous year). Tuition is not based on the student’s citizenship, and is dependent on whether the tax residence is within or outside of the European Economic Area. The European Economic Area consists of all EU countries, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.

Students in the European Economic Area

Students whose tax residence is in the European Economic Area pay fees according to a sliding scale, up to €10,370 per year for the undergraduate program. This calculation is based on the total declared family income and size of the household.

If you are a student whose parents’ tax residence for the previous year was in the European Economic Area, see the Sciences Po undergraduate tuition breakdown to determine what your approximate tuition costs will be, and use the Sciences Po tuition cost calculator.

Students Outside the European Economic Area

Students whose tax residence is not in the European Economic Area pay fees of €10,370 per year for the undergraduate program. For detailed information on tuition and fees at Sciences Po, visit the tuition and fees page, and consult the online tuition calculator to get an approximate idea of your total tuition fees.

Payment Schedule

Students pay their Sciences Po tuition in either one lump sum for the academic year or four installments in June, December, February, and April. Payment is made via wire transfer to Sciences Po directly, and students will be asked to note their preferences after they have been admitted to the program. For more information, see the Sciences Po website.

At UBC, students are assessed tuition based on their citizenship. Students with Canadian citizenship or Canadian permanent residency are considered domestic students, and students with all other citizenship are considered international students. Tuition is assessed on a per-credit basis. Students in the Dual Degree will take approximately 30 credits each year during their third and fourth years.

The below tables are included here for your reference only and should not be used as determining amounts for tuition. Students should consult the undergraduate tuition fees page, and consult the “Arts” section. Fees are calculated on a per-credit bases and are in Canadian dollars.

Per-Credit Tuition Amounts

Student Status Per-Credit Amount
Canadian citizens and permanent residents $172.99
International students $1,163.76

UBC Bachelor of Arts Tuition Per Year (in Years 3 and 4)

Credits in Year 3 or 4 Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents International Students Student Fees
30 $5,189.70 $34,847.10 $1,019.87
Tuition fees are based on rates for the 2017/2018 academic year. For most up to date amounts, consult the UBC undergraduate tuition page.
Student fees include those for the Alma Mater Society, athletics and recreation, undergraduate society, UBC publications, etc. These fees apply to all students.

UBC offers many resources online to help students plan for their studies. Applicants are encouraged to read all of the information below to understand what tuition will cost in Years 3 and 4.

Dual BA Summer Seminars

All Dual BA students pay UBC tuition for each summer seminar, regardless of its physical location. For detailed information, see the Dual BA Summer Seminars page.

Payment Schedule

Students pay their UBC tuition at the start of each term. UBC offers many methods of tuition payment: by cheque, credit card, through international wire transfer to UBC directly, or through a Canadian bank transfer. For more information, see the UBC tuition payment page.