Iyolquetzal Martínez

Name: Iyolquetzal Martínez (Alumni)

Hometown and Country: Ciudad de México, México

Degrees Completing at UBC Sciences Po: Major in Sociology and Minor in Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Justice

Why did you choose to pursue the UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree?

I applied to the UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree because of the opportunity to travel and study abroad, as well as to have an intercultural experience that would broaden my horizons.

What are some of the meaning experiences you’ve had from your time at Sciences Po, and at UBC? 

Being able to travel to 35 countries in four different continents, living by myself, couchsurfing, hitchhiking, and making friends from all across the world.

How has being a UBC Sciences Po student helped your personal and professional aspirations?

Being a UBC Sciences Po student has helped my personal and professional aspirations by widening my cultural and academic horizons. I initially started out my degree intending to major in Political Science, however, as I discovered the field of Sociology at Sciences Po, it ended up appealing more to me. Additionally, I was introduced to subjects that would forever change my life, such as gender, queer, and critical race theory.

What extra-curricular activities are you involved in?

During my studies at Sciences Po I joined the Feminist Society where we planned workshops and events, like poetry nights and dialogues. During my time at UBC, I volunteered for the AMS SASC (Sexual Assault Support Centre) where we worked around raising awareness about sexual assault and consent on campus.

What is unique about being a UBC Sciences Po student?

The uniqueness about being a UBC Sciences Po student is that you get to graduate with two degrees from some of the best schools in Europe and North America in just four years.

What are the top three things every UBC Sciences Po student should do before they graduate?

Every UBC Sciences Po student should travel as much as they can, take as many courses in diverse fields as possible, and dedicate time to find a community/friends before they graduate.