Sara Owen-Flood

Name: Sara Owen-Flood (Alumni)

 Hometown and Country: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Degrees Completed at UBC Sciences Po: Bachelor of Arts (Politics and Economics) at Sciences Po and Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) at UBC Sauder School of Business

 “The Best of Both Worlds”
Sara refers to the UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree as her “dream program to study” when reflecting upon why she chose to pursue this unique program.

A partnership between the University of British Columbia and Sciences Po, the Dual Degree provides students the opportunity to earn two Bachelor’s Degrees in their undergraduate studies studying in France and Canada. Sara pursued the Dual Commerce and Arts Degree, over the four years Sara earned a Bachelor of Arts degree at Sciences Po and a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Sara particularly enjoyed the inherent duality of the program, and shared that for her, this was truly “the best of both worlds.” Two countries and two distinct disciplines offered her a unique experience from both the pedological and cultural sense.

Sara shared for her the combination of studies in both the Canadian and French education system allowed for intellectual challenge and curiosity through its array of offerings of unique teaching elements. For example, the French focus on finding a problématique (research question) in each course and structuring it into a dissertation or presentation with the Sciences Po deux parties deux sous-parties methodology differed greatly from her quantitative and lecture-heavy courses at UBC. The exposure to both styles of learning allowed her to develop big picture critical thinking skills, analytical reasoning skills, and business acumen.

The program also allowed for duality from a cultural sense. Sara recounts the opportunity to meet diverse people from around the world – including professors, mentors, and classmates, and learn about new cultures and social, historical, and political contexts.

As Sara reflects on the program, she believes the experience of independently moving to a new country, adjusting to a new language, culture, and social system, while completing the demanding course load, all made for an invaluable experience. “It’s difficult to think of another undergraduate program,” she recounts, “which develops so much personal, intellectual, and emotional maturity in such a short span of time.”

La rentrée solennelle, Sciences Po’s opening ceremonies of the school year, at the historic Reims campus, August 2016



Visiting the European Parliament in Brussels during Reading Break, October 2016


The Transatlantique Association’s visit to the Chateau de Versailles, a perfect complement to the European XIXth Century (1780-1914) History course, November 2016.

A post-graduation visit to the UBC Campus, May 2021.

Discovering and Crafting a Niche of Study
Having various interests, Sara enjoyed how the interdisciplinary Dual Degree allowed her to personalize, nurture, and hone her passions. By pursuing studies in two traditionally distinct departments: International Relations and Political Science, as well as Business and Finance, Sara was able to craft a niche area of study where government and business intersect.

The rigorous interdisciplinary coursework, combined with a commitment to various extra-curricular activities, helped Sara discover her career path with the Public Sector and Strategy Consulting. Sara was involved with the Reims International Model United Nations, where she directed committees and represented Sciences Po at conferences abroad, made lifelong friendships in the Canada on Campus initiative, and was a Consultant, Director, and then President of UBC’s pro-bono student consulting program, the Strategy Consulting Initiative.

Participating in the London International Model United Nations Conference, January 2017


Opening Ceremonies of the Oxford International Model United Nations, October 2017

Chairing a debate committee at the Reims International Model United Nations, February 2018

Representing UBC at the Sauder Summit Global Case Competition, March 2020

Direct Application of Studies into a Professional Setting
Having found her niche area of study in government and business through coursework and extracurriculars in the Dual Degree, Sara sought hands-on work experience in this domain. Sara has held various positions as a Trade Finance Intern with the Canadian Embassy in Washington D.C., as a Public Sector Consultant with Deloitte, and most recently as a Summer Intern with the United Nations Capital Development Fund in New York.

She looks forward to applying her learnings as she forges a career path at the intersection of the public and private sectors.

Internship at the Embassy of Canada in Washington D.C., Summer 2019


An intern tour of the U.S. State Department, Summer 2019

Sara is immensely grateful to have been a part of the Dual Degree program, describing it as “one of the best decisions [she has] made.” She encourages highly motivated and curious students, willing to engage in various languages, cultures, and disciplines, to apply.