UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree Program Welcomes Incoming Program Chair, Dr. Tara Mayer

The UBC Sciences Po Dual Degree program would like to welcome Dr. Tara Mayer as the incoming Program Chair.

Dr. Tara Mayer holds a Ph.D. in South Asian History from the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies. Her scholarship traces material and aesthetic exchanges between India, Britain, and France in ways that blur the boundaries of her discipline. It explores the deeply reciprocal processes of appropriation, assimilation, and influence that took place at the intersections of European and Asian material culture, as well as the role of racism and colonial power in shaping these exchanges. Dr. Mayer has served as a research consultant for international exhibitions on Indian art, Orientalism, and European portraiture and has forged a new collaborative partnership between UBC and the Museum of Vancouver. She is a 2019 recipient of the Killam Teaching Award and widely recognized for her development of inclusive pedagogical practices that centre student experience, identity, and positionality. In 2019/20, she is a fellow at the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, where she will advance a research project that lies at the nexus of historical inquiry, critical race and gender theory, and critical pedagogy. Having lived and worked in Paris for over a decade, Dr. Mayer is looking forward to her new role as Chair of the Dual Degree program and to fostering the collaborative relationship that exists between UBC and Sciences Po.